The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★½

*I take a swig of whiskey and pour some out while a single tear rolls down my face*
"This is for the Rubicon homies. We still here!"

So, sure. I have an in. James Badge Dale was born to play the paranoid mess of a man that we get in The Empty Man. He navigates this rather well and inserts enough physical quirks and charms in his performance for it to feel fleshed out despite the lack of information we actually have about him. But hey, that's just something we can say is bonus because the real reason to see this is the command of tone, visuals, and sound that David Prior has. He genre-jumps and feels familiar but never derivative. There's risk-taking in here that is so thrilling to watch and experience. Several sequences that will have anyone's jaw on the floor. It's wacky, unsettling, and even has creepy asmr! I don't care that it gets so damn wild by the end. I want more shit like this. I love a tone poem and this had my ass glued into dread the entire time.

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