Game of Death

Game of Death ★★

Decades before they frankensteined Carrie Fisher into Rise of Skywalker, they frankensteined Bruce Lee into Game of Death. Only instead of using computers, they used big sunglasses, spirit gum, and bad lighting. And actual footage of Bruce Lee's actual dead body.

The fighting in the movie is pretty decent and the film is reasonably entertaining thanks mostly to the performances of the actors playing the villains, but the way they shoot and cut around the absence of Bruce Lee is just too distracting on both a visual and meta level.

It's just so obviously a jumbled patchwork of look-alikes, stock footage, and filler, that by the time the actual Bruce footage comes along in the final 20 minutes, I was already too checked out for it to bring me back in. Your milage may vary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The existing footage left behind would have been enough without a cash grab vessel sloppily constructed around it. Instead what we're left with is a bummer of an epilogue to a tragically truncated life and career.

Non si deve profanare il sonno dei morti.