The Guilty

The Guilty ★★½

Even before seeing this, I knew this would feel unnecessary. The first one was just already great. But I was still very curious on how would they do it. And some of the things they added are actually nice and interesting, including the fire. The cinematography is still decent, and even though Jake's performance sometimes felt too much, there were scenes where he's really good. Unfortunately, I was so bored for the most parts. Since I already knew the story, there weren't any intense moments I enjoyed and I was like just waiting for the movie to end. The voice actors aren't also as convincing as those in the Danish film, and I didn't feel for any of them, even for the kid. I didn't also like how they changed several things in the end. I guess this most likely would only work if you've never seen the original movie. I don't really know how remakes should work, but if the subtitles are the only issue here, it's not that hard to, you know, read.

"Broken people save broken people." – Sergeant Denise Wade

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