The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★

This is definitely something I'll need to rewatch. I liked a lot of the ideas and tone. Love James Badge Dale. But still unsure how successful it really was as a complete and fully formed film.

I'm all for subverting the old mystical killer taking out a group of teens trope. And the Lovecraftian weirdness never doesn't chill and warm my heart simultaneously. Still, going into this blind, and expecting a typical modern horror flick, it's a lot to take in. I expected The Empty Man to be a leave your brain at the door type of experience and it certainly was not that. No one told me this was a thinker.

There is a lot here to like, but I need another pass. I admire it's dedication to the creep and not the jump scare. One of it's weaknesses is it looks like any other modern horror flick. It's nicely shot, but leans on the dark color palette and is over stylized in appearance. I think if this was hyper realistic and grounded it immediately jumps a star for me. If you make this story feel like it's happening in a world we really live in then it's immediately more terrifying.

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