Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf ★★★★½

A History of Horror 2019

Week 50 – 1968 Horror

A film that is all about the consumption of the human psyche by our own fears and anxiety. Johan an artist whose own creative visions and past come to fruition as the actors in his demise. This is a horror film focused on how self-destructive humans can be. All it takes is enough conflicting emotions of guilt, fear, anger, angst, etc. for an individual to reach a breaking point. Bergman achieves this through symbolism, surrealism, and the pale death allowing us to experience the nightmare of Johan’s imagination.

Alma’s experience in this is equally haunting. The death of her husband is a burden she feels was partially induced by her actions. She questions whether there was any way prevent his disappearance. Alma becomes shrouded by guilt. Bergman uses both Alma and Johan to explore a multifaceted look at how our own personal demons and anxieties can distort our perception of the world and ourselves.

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