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  • Midnight



    Ridiculous in the ways that many films of the period are (especially the idea of all these Americans playing various nationalities of European) but such a charming cast that you just go with it.

  • The Elephant God

    The Elephant God


    Cute and clever little detective story. A good way to introduce a young one to Satyajit Ray. Pretty talky and not much chance to really flex Ray’s visual muscles, but there is an extended tailing sequence that is quite well done and had my five-year-old on edge.

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  • Magnolia



    Film students and critics love to make a big deal about the "showy" moments in this movie. They go on about the long takes, the prologue, the hidden 82s, the narration, the sing-a-long and the frogs. It's kind of hard not to. And with an epic run-time of 188 minutes, there is no shortage of "showy" acting as well. Not a single moment comes easy. People hurt and people get hurt. Every single character is an exposed raw nerve. So…

  • Blow-Up



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    By the middle of the 1960s it was undeniable that the baby-boomers were on the rise and the World War II generation was on the decline. While many in the older generation responded to this phenomenon with fear and aggression, others found it fascinating. Having already completed a trilogy of films (L'avventura, La Notte and L'eclisse) in effort to understand his own generation's ennui, 54 year-old Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni decided it was now time to see what gave the…