• Hellzapoppin'



    Known about this film for years but only today finally pulled the trigger and watched.

    Kicking myself for waiting.

    What blissful insanity. Bravo!

  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse


    Beautiful chaos. Could’ve been shorter.

  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Stranger Than Fiction


    A bit too long but enjoyable.

  • The Electric House

    The Electric House


    As my wife observed. This must’ve cost a lot for a short.

    But it pays off!

  • Spellbound



    You very much see the hand of the filmmaker but you don’t hold it against the film.

    Also - All of these kids are in their 30’s now!

  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding


    There should be monuments (multiple) to the greatness of Andrea Martin.

  • Miami Blues

    Miami Blues


    Very much Jonathan Demme by proxy. And I think Demme could’ve made the plotlessness work for longer. But it’s fun until it gets repetitive. And even then it’s still better than so many other films of this ilk. Great Baldwin, though seeing him with a gun now conjures sadness.

  • Office



    While none of the musical numbers are real standout showstoppers, this movie wouldn’t work as a non-musical. As much as I wish To were still churning films out, Three (which came right after this) felt a bit budget to me with some very blatant green screen. Here, any artifice (even if unintended) can be interpreted as part of the conceit. It’s pleasing to see cinephile To getting to indulge some of his world cinema impulses.

    It’s nice seeing Chow Yun Fat again. Sylvia Chang and Tang Wei stand out as well.

  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk


    Best when it’s weird. Best when it’s dissolves between past and present. And the walk. Wish I’d seen it in 120fps 3D when that was possible.

  • Being Mary Tyler Moore

    Being Mary Tyler Moore


    She could do it all.

    Pretty standard doc tho.

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids


    A film that dares to ask: What if I shrunk the kids?

  • The Courtship of Eddie's Father

    The Courtship of Eddie's Father


    Forgot how much this was about grief.

    My daughter kept holding out hope that Eddie would go back to camp and apologize for being brusk with his crush.