Midsommar ★★★★


If you didn’t care for the theatrical cut, this isn’t going to change your mind.  Sure this strips the movie of a bit of its ambiguity, but it really solidifies a lot of its intricacies and quirks. A lot of the alternate takes and mixes should’ve been kept in the theatrical cut, however, I do realize Aster was working on this cut following the theatrical release. Also, this cut is a -lot- funnier than the theatrical cut , so if you were like me and found the theatrical cut to be funnier and more amusing than it was scary, maybe check this out! Although it was cool to come out to a commercial multiplex late on a Friday night to see this, it won’t be the cut I revisit in the future, simply because my first viewing was my finest and there’s nothing here that’s absolutely integral to the movie’s structure. What’s added does still feel like pacing baggage, even if it does contribute a fair amount to the tone and characters, especially if this isn’t your first viewing. (It just doesn’t quite feel earned in the big picture) If you’ve only seen the movie once though and you’ve got the time, sure- why not?

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