Tenet ★★★★★

What's happened, happened.

the time-image!! linearity as an expression of the progress of history, tenet as an argument against linearity but not causation; our actions remain just as consequential regardless of belief in them

plays like a video game, all cut scenes and game overs...mission goals in flux...a mood piece, pure motion, finding purpose in the present...concluding in a soft reset, would you like to continue?

the end of history as the beginning of the future...a reverse-Frank N. Furter: to remove the symptom but not the cause...a fruitless endeavor

weird to say but this is likely the closest Nolan will ever get to something radical...despite layers of obfuscation and the remaining conservative trademarks...it's a collective effort against backwards-looking capitalist hegemony, an entirely decentralized mission based on faith in one another, faith as a driver of action rather than resignation to the inevitable

It's an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world. Not an excuse to do nothing.

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