The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★

formative faves #4

we'll always have that one time i got super stoned and watched this in the school library! good times, good times

as a baby filmgoer, i was definitely more interested in images themselves than the relations between, i deduct that a majority of why Holy Mountain leaves me cold these days is that for all the interesting and cool stuff Jodorowsky packs into the frame, the editing is almost always used merely to convey spatial and temporal (forward) movement...we have all these blunt symbols interacting within the image but not through them...the camera feels functional at best and passive at worst, akin to touring an art installation

important to note that none of this is capital-B Bad, and i'm particularly proud of that aspect of my development in the years since i first experienced the film...that i very rarely write off anything these days, but i'm also getting firmer in my convictions, at diagnosing why certain works don't do it for me beyond just vague step closer toward a cohesive outlook that's not quite as self-deflating as it used to be

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