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This review may contain spoilers.

Logan, let’s forget about Wolverine. Logan the symbol becomes that thing inside of you that thing that makes you so different and if you let it eat you up, it will eat at you like a deadening disease. And in that moment you have lost yourself, your difference has become your own enemy entering your mind and body like a virus. And yet the anger in you drives you to live longer even if all you want is to put a knife in your belly and a gun to your head to end it all. That anger pushes you to try a little harder as you might get a chance to happiness. Yet you know that your deathbed is ready. Unexpectedly that is when someone shows up in your life, someone like you and you can see their pain but inside them you see that light as dim as it might be and without knowing it you will be the one lighting it up and that person will too in you. Still in anger you move little by little, you suffer the lost of the closest to you, and yet you keep going because you were molded to. Like an athlete you can’t stop, even if you’re broken you need to run. You meet new people and you learn from them, you learn the love of being different and still making it with all the difficulties and differences. You know that you are dying and you know that is when you will be really living, as you set yourself free from all that anger and rage and everything bottled up and all the differences you felt as you die next to that person and you know that the light is on because that is when you will know that ‘this is what it feels like.’