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Favorite films

  • All That Jazz
  • Klute
  • The Apartment
  • Stage Door

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  • Seeds of Yesterday

  • If There Be Thorns

  • Petals on the Wind

  • Flowers in the Attic

Recent reviews

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Finally a Ridley Scott movie that other people think is boring but I know is Very Fun instead of the other way around (Blade Runner puts me to sleep but this energized me). Love the fruity relationship between Patrizia and Pina. Would watch Gaga in anything at this point, she truly understands the assignment. Jared Leto should always be in prosthetics.

  • Eternals


    Deaf superhero!!!!!!! πŸ™Œ

    Ok I need all the hearing people watching to understand that you can't just speak and a deaf person will understand, you have to face them. And you have to face a person when they sign. That was the least realistic part of the film (forget the alien gods). Also, all the hearing people should have signed more. But! Lauren is amazing and didnt have to speak and her ASL wasn't dumbed down at all and I love that.

Popular reviews

  • Gentleman Jack

    Gentleman Jack


    I can't even adequately express how important this series is, to me personally, but also to the way we perceive lesbian history in reality and in fiction. Bless Sally Wainwright for not giving up on this series idea after being rejected by networks for 17 years.

  • Desert Hearts

    Desert Hearts

    My undying love for this film is proof that underneath this broken and cynical shell dwells a sappy romantic.

    This film was formative for me. I'll never forget being 14 years old and watching it with the volume low under my blanket in the middle of the night like I was breaking a rule. I was still scared then, but in my mind I was Cay, cowboy shirts and all.