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  • Dracula vs. Frankenstein

    Dracula vs. Frankenstein


    This was the only Adamson movie I had seen prior to getting the Severin box set. While perusing the shelves at my local movie and music store back home--around 2012/2013 I'd estimate--I stumbled across the Shriek Show DVD release. With no further research or even reading the back of the case I bought the movie. The title, cover, and the promise of an epic movie monster showdown had me sold. The marketing was working as planned even some 40 plus…

  • Lost River

    Lost River


    "Anybody ever touch your rat?"

    Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you put the artistry of Spring Breakers and whatever universe It Follows takes place in in a blender?

    Dollar Tree started selling deadstock DVDs and Blu-Rays last year and the hunt for gems was all the rage in a few circles on Facebook. That is how this movie wound up in my possession.

    Obviously this wasn't a box office hit, but the fact it was…

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  • Midnite Plowboy

    Midnite Plowboy


    So much of this movie takes place in vehicles that aren't actually moving, just being shook to give the appearance of motion. Sometimes you can clearly see around the car or through windows that it's just sitting in a parking lot or alley as they cut back and forth to b-roll of it on the highway. Anyways, this is a pretty one note fish out of water, yokel in the big city story. But with lots of tepid softcore sex.…

  • Country Cuzzins

    Country Cuzzins


    A 'shine swillin' and cuzzin' touchin' good ol' time!

    Rene Bond's character has her own theme song and it is so horribly written. Obvious rhymes are set up and just ignored and the flow is so off kilter. I guess they figured no one would notice since it plays during a scene in which she strips down and rinses off with and fellates a hose for at least five minutes. But I noticed. Because I care about art. And speaking of art there's an extended softcore sex scene between Bond and George Buck Flower while he's doing his best Paul Lynde impersonation.

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  • Detainment


    Reason #397 Why You Should Not Have Kids: They might kill another kid. OR they might grow up to be a disrespectful filmmaker.

  • The Devil and Father Amorth

    The Devil and Father Amorth


    I had to run a screening of this for an event at work tonight. Friedkin was there and I got to spend a good amount of time with him which was definitely more enjoyable than watching the movie from the booth with audio coming through the monitor. In case anyone was wondering, William Friedkin doesn't "need no condiments" on his "hotdog sandwich."