Parasite ★★★★

The previous two years me and my dad have gone to the movie theatre together only twice, in 2018 it was shape of water and in 2019 Parasite, as you probably know both ended up winning best picture. It almost feels like we’ve been the ones deciding who gets to win. Sadly this new tradition has come to a quick end with this year.

Rewatching this is a completely different experience then what it was the first time. I remember my dad being totally bummed out that I’m dragging him to a midnight screening of some random Korean movie. Yes, there wasn’t any buzz surrounding it yet, we both went in completely blind and afterwards we both were completely blown away.

Kinda spoilers ahead. When you revisit it, it’s like returning to a long forgotten but familiar place. You now know why the lights turn on when they do, nothing’s a secret anymore, you’re prepared for the crazy. This is the greatest genre mixing since Wright’s three different flavours of Cornetto. Comedy, tragedy, thriller, drama and even horror - it’s all there. Hysterically funny and at the same time undeniably powerful, meaningful. First time I watched this I didn’t get the very ending at all, I thought the son just became rich and bought the house, somehow I missed that it was all blind hope... (I still think the climax could have been bloodier tho).


This is our dad-son movie.

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