Last Vegas

Last Vegas ★★★★

Morgan Freeman and De Niro was the draw for me - the scene in the trailer where Freeman was talking a mile a minute after he had some Red Bull and vodka - sold.

I walked into this movie expecting a straight up comedy about four old friends celebrating the end of bachelorhood in Las Vegas - kinda like The Hangover series but about older gentlemen. I certainly didn't expect to tear up, much less tear up more than once. Not that there were depressing scenes - there were some but that wasn't the cause of feeling like I was punched right in the feels. Rather, it was the portrayal of love, love between best friends as well as love between husband and wife of many, many years, that got me the most. I won't ruin the movie by citing examples - you'll just have to see it for yourself. This movie is funny, witty and surprisingly heartfelt; I'd definitely recommend seeing it.

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