Chicken Run

Chicken Run ★★★★½

All my life flashed before my eyes.… It was really boring

This animation here is one of my favorites of my childhood, I must've watched countless 20 times (or more).

Ginger's a chicken that is tired of being used by its owners and seeing its friends being killed for not producing the egg target per week. In this, she tries to come up with plans to get out of the chicken coop and fails to be caught every time until a flying rooster arrives and offers a dream, an idea, a hope of leaving FLYING.
Everything changes with his arrival, he's also a fugitive, left the circus and fell there by coincidence. Ginger asks Rocky for help and he, even though he is a fake, wants to help them on this escape and from there they create a relationship of hilarious love and hate.

I just love the story, it's told in a comical and mind-boggling way, I can't wait for the sequel in 2020.