Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

I just loved EVERYTHING about this!!!!!!!

The dynamic focused on a single setting (the Thrombley mansion) and the family arc is magnificent and brilliant, i'm still impressed by the script created by Rian in this WOW movie.

Mansion-centered mysteries will always have their claustrophobic part in development, an ingredient that causes characters to infiltrate secrets and lies as they are placed against the wall, forced to speak, act, or even evade anything that might incriminate them
The twists and the perfectly edited nonlinear scenes caught my eye right away, making me come up with unimaginable theories inside my head and failing miserably until Blanc delivered the incredible outcome, by the way.

Pure entertainment, I laughed a lot at the heady events, impossible to take my eyes off the screen and blink in the opposite direction to this masterpiece.

Also, we had chris evans in that BLUE SWEATER, i love him so much!

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