Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory ★★★★★

Las noches en que coinciden varios dolores, esas noches creo en Dios, y le rezo. Los días en que padezco sólo un tipo de dolor, soy ateo.

What an honor to live in the same age as genius Pedro Almódovar, i'm broken into in pieces.

Salvador Mallo is a screenwriter and director who plagued by chronic and emotional pain, decides to temporarily move away from the cinema and is completely stagnant. When one of his works wins a movie restoration, he is invited to present the sessions alongside actor Alberto Crespo, he recalls the film and everything that happened at the time of the recording and to his surprise, is impressed by what he sees, therefore. At the time of release it had fought with the protagonist for hating his performance. Soon, we're invited to accompany his life by reestablishing contact with Alberto, in this, indulges in heroin addiction, discovers new health problems and reflects on poor childhood alongside his mother, Jacinta, after that is history....

I dare to say this has become my favorite of his amazing and majestic filmography, Pedro really wasn't kidding when said this is his most personal work.


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