Short Term 12

Short Term 12 ★★★★½

Here we go...

Amazing how dense, crucial and sentimental this film was by telling delicate stories of people with serious and extremely important problems specially these days, the implicit manner of some events creates a magic and bright barrier around, I loved the couple's bow, Jayden, Marcus, and Sammy, all well-crafted and with many unpredictable dimensions.
There's a true harmony here, I couldn't stop myself with the exciting moments, but nothing forced! The interaction of the couple is realistic and very romantic, reinforces the idea that in a relationship understanding in difficult times is essential on both sides.

The natural way that everything happens is the high point of the plot, the way they care with the kids and the lightness of being there to help, it's like playing in your face that everyone has trauma, everyone has a turbulent past, but don't worry, we'll help you get around.

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