Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

"i swear, you two are the most fucked up people i've ever known and i specialise in fucked up."

that quote is exactly how you describe this film. it sums it up perfectly. when i first watched this i thought amy was much worse than nick - sure, he was a dick but she was psychotic. this time round, i picked up some of the dialogue you always miss on first viewing. and as it turns out, nick is a super dick. i see a lot of people glorifying amy and i'm glad she got her revenge but she just can't be idolised either. neither of them can be called a good person and that's pretty deep. maybe gone girl's point is that no one and nothing is good forever. 
it's a very clever and refined film. it hits basically every emotion. but i'm still not sure i get the massive hype. to be honest, i'm not even sure i like it. 

"come home, amy. i dare you."

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