Nope ★★★★½

This is JP's best movie. It realizes the best of 50's-60's alien Sci fi themes, and then far surpasses them. The beauty is in so many of the details and the smaller moments- like the scene in Stephen Yeun's office, which is one of the best designed and shot things he's ever done.

JP also gives us the money shots. Sci-fi aliens done right put you in touch with existential dread. JP decides that's not enough, and shows humans screaming inside an alien digestive tract. And he also gives us the unnerving parallel of the killer sitcom-starring chimp.

Then there's Daniel Kaluuya. He is the definition of drawing you in with quiet, and contrasts well with the freneticness of the also brilliant Keke Palmer.

Oh and using Exuma's "Obiero Man" in your big action set piece? I jumped out of my seat and yelled, "hey, I have that on vinyl, too"!

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