Parasite ★★★★★

PARASITE is a twisted, effortlessly tense & absolutely thrilling masterpiece of a film filled with phenomenal performances from everyone involved. Easily a career best by the great Joon-Ho Bong. I could not of been more blown away by this film, it is perfect. The title “parasite” is so incredibly accurate for what the story is going for, it couldn’t be more fitting. I would definitely recommend going in completely blind, as I did. I can guarantee that you will not guess where this story goes. There were a few times in my head I thought “oh this is gonna happen” and I couldn’t have been more wrong every time. Halfway through the film it almost switches genres completely while somehow keeping a consistent tone, it’s incredible. From that point on it is RIVETING. I can’t recall a time where I felt so much anxiety during a film. It also is surprisingly really funny, lots of subtle dark humor that was completely up my alley. I was really quite emotional by the end of the film, I was really emotionally invested. This film got a few tears out of me. I was not prepared for this film at all & I really can’t even begin to explain how insane it is. The production design, cinematography, score, editing, acting, directing, screenplay are all AMAZING, this film is coming for all the Oscars.

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