It's a Sin ★★★★★

So often tragedies define their characters. Their existence, a personification of loss that becomes more about eliciting a reaction from it’s audience than about doing justice to the stories of those on screen.

It’s A Sin - a series that forebodes death in its very premise - could not be more of a welcome, powerful and joyous rejection of that exploitation. 

There is death, and heartache and anger - but it never forgets the laughter, love and life of those who’s story it tells. 

It’s a Sin may be billed as an exploration of the AIDS crisis, but it feels almost more about another disease. A disease that’s not transmitted, but is arguably more infectious. A disease that has no fixed symptoms, but continues to be the cause of so much death. A disease of shame. A shame LGBT people have thrust upon them by their families, by their governments, by their societies. A shame that’s only challenged by the embrace and celebration that is at the heart of Its A Sin. 

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