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  • Big City Blues

    Big City Blues

    a short film that takes place over three days, with a repetitive structure like a blues tune. best part, besides joan*, is the indiana stationmaster's list of the odd jobs he worked when he lived in new york (some stray ones: a hymn-book factory, his own ice business in the bronx, lifeguard at rockaway beach). everyone seems to be from somewhere else—the "dumb hotel dick" (if i'm remembering the phrase correctly) misses reading the gas meter in omaha instead of…

  • The Scarlet Letter

    The Scarlet Letter

    very interested in:

    —how the frontality of silent cinema (and, to some degree, cinema in general, with its one perspective) exposes the theatrical mechanisms of the puritans' shaming; the stocks are a kind of stage where repressed social elements are made visible and a certain response is taught, coached

    —how the minister's self-flagellating guilt is both a heartfelt regret and understanding for the harm he has inflicted via his careless (in this context) love—and inevitably self-indulgent, even narcissistic. his shame…

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  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers

    agnes varda knows that sometimes the most powerful gesture in filmmaking is simply to let people speak.

  • Police Story

    Police Story

    little known fact glass was invented to make jackie chan's police story