Malignant ★★★

I can definitely foresee a massive divide between fans when it comes to Malignant. It starts off rather bland and uninspired, trying to take itself seriously which completely fails, but a sudden tonal shift really helps this film out when it learns to go full-on bonkers. The premise is already far-fetched as it is, but when you add in human drama and try to make it believable, that’s where everything falls apart. Malignant really starts to work once the twist is revealed, so there’s no more unneeded and lackluster suspense, only a full on balls-to-the-wall battle between…well…I guess I’m gonna let you watch it and not spoil it. Overall, Malignant works in pieces yet maybe not as a whole. Still a pretty enjoyable film if you can take in cinematic junk food like this. Definitely the most “WTF” movie of 2021 so far.

Oh, and “Giallo”? No, don’t expect a giallo.

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