The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★½

I don’t care how deep and allegorical Jodorowsky thinks this is (spoilers: it’s really not), but I still enjoy the batshit surrealism, the dystopian world building, and all the crazy and zany characters that come and go throughout the film. There’s way too many naked children and dead animals for me to really love The Holy Mountain, and also a strong homoerotic subtext that just feels weirdly forced…still, this is one of the most “WTF” and one of a kind films out there. Every frame is something completely unpredictable and bizarre, some with meaning and some just for the sake of shock value. I thought this film was a super deep puzzle maze that I’d have to watch a million times to decipher when I first saw it, but after a revisit I can safely say Jodorowsky definitely couldn’t handle his ambition in creating a profound spiritual experience, but he does craft a cinematic spectacle of spiraling colors, religious symmetry, and illogical images that’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

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