Eternals ★★★★½

Eternals is the classiest movie Marvel ever made and i absolutely loved it
not only it's the best visually looking MCU film but it's probably the most beautiful of the entire year, it has excellent action sequences that were directed masterfully by Chloe Zhao, in fact, not only she nailed the technical part of the film with great visuals and cinematography but she gave us excellent new characters, Eternals has a lot of heart, it's one of the most emotional MCU movies ever made, while it does feature it's fair share of big cgi battles, most of the time spent is actually developing them and making us care about them, a work that pays off thanks to it's very talented and very charismatic cast, there's also the fact that there's basically no villain and everything it's just a matter of point of view, that was really refreshing to see, and for the MCU that's what Eternals is, refreshing in so many ways, now i can only hope that in the future, the MCU will release more projects like this and Wandavision and less shit like Black Widow and Loki

also richard madden is so hot please break me in half and then shoot me with those beautiful laser eyes you have sir

also also SO HAPPY THAT I WATCHED THIS IN THE THEATERS, really missed the feeling😞

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