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  • Hellroller


    Filmmaking straight from the id: a snarling, froth-mouthed film that extends its middle finger in the face of polite, left-leaning disability politics… and pretty much everything else, in general. A gonzo portrait of LA as a dystopian fiefdom, the urban decay and rot an externalization of its characters’ souls. One of the angriest fucking things I’ve ever seen in my life, where even the discovery of a secondhand jacket triggers an apoplectic rage. Starring Mary Woronov, the Tool Box DJ from Wayne’s World 2, and a bunch of 90s-era porn actresses. Fun for the whole family.

  • Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink


    Jeanne Dielman goes to Eraserhead Town. Domestic drudgery upturned through surreal metamorphosis. Strange, atmospheric, and kinda beautiful.

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  • Eating Raoul

    Eating Raoul


    When I was a kid, my father kept a small collection of VHS tapes tucked away in a bureau drawer and hidden from the rest of the family. The cassettes were worn and weathered, their clamshell cases festooned with “BE KIND, REWIND” stickers and the leftover residue of peeled-off labels; in other words, each videotape carried all the familiar hallmarks of a clearance sale purchase from our local Mom & Pop rental store. I have only faint and fuzzy memories of…

  • Escape from Tomorrow

    Escape from Tomorrow


    Never has guerilla filmmaking felt this cynical and disingenuous. With a college freshman's understanding of surrealism ("it's all just weird shit and loud noises, right?"), Escape from Tomorrow is a gutless and thoroughly noxious little trifle, a sort of Dante for Idiots that tries desperately to pass itself off as a dreamlike descent into Disney's ninth circle. But, yeah, forget that. This film is far too lazy and undisciplined to move beyond the broad strokes of its original premise, and…