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  • Magnolia



    Can't even comprehend the confidence it must take to be 29 years old and convincing Tom Cruise to sing along to non-diagetic Aimee Mann because it's going to be an amazing, emotional scene, and then being absolutely correct. I believe this might just be the most successfully audacious film made in my adult lifetime.

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    Broadcast News


    I'm six weeks out from shooting a romantic comedy and saw this was playing at the Los Feliz 3 so made one of the actors go see it with me. Thankfully they loved it so they can keep their job. So much to take away in terms of creating genuinely complicated characters with complicated relationship dynamics that's truly funny and completely grounded. I will be stealing from it wholesale.

    "I think I'd better be alone for a while."
    "I understand. I'll go with you."

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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog

    It's a shame that almost everyone is gonna watch this on Netflix because about an hour into my 2pm showtime today, an old man walked in, stood at the front and watched a solid 90 seconds of Cumberbatch castrating a cow before turning to all of us and loudly asking, "This not the Gucci movie?" And I think Jane Campion wouldn't have it any other way.

  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    True story:

    When this film first came out, I was in a long distance relationship and we decided to see showings of it at the same time in our separate cities as a "movie date" and call each other after to talk. I hated the film so much, I walked out after 40 minutes and patiently waited another two before calling. When I did, my girlfriend answered the phone sobbing, having been completely emotionally shattered by it. In fact, she…