Suspiria ★★★★

I have now managed to re-watch all of my favorites from 2018. Annihilation, Hereditary, and Mandy all held up strongly for me on second viewing. Unfortunately, I was a bit less geeked about this one the second time around. Don't get me wrong. There are some killer scenes that will have me coming back in the future, but I found I was sympathetic to the criticisms of the old man plotline. Whenever Mr. Swinton was on screen, I just wanted to be back at the coven. Even the intro with Patricia felt a bit awkward with its clumsy foreshadowing. However, Swinton's Madame Blanc is one of my favorite parts of the movie and more than makes up for it. The connection between dance and ritual also added a rich layer to the source material. In the sad column, as much as I like Thom Yorke, I don't think the score ended up being the slam dunk I had hoped for. It seemed so perfect on paper. In some ways, this movie didn't really have space for music to operate as a gut-wrenching central character the way it did in the original.

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