WandaVision ★★½

To be honest, despite liking both actors, I wasn’t excited for this show. I had very low expectations. However, I heard good things about the show & finally decided to watch it. I started watching it week to week after the 4th episode came out. I liked the homages that the cinematography, sound mixing, dialogue & costume designs paid to 1950’s TV show sitcoms. As someone that grew up in a 1950’s household & watched a lot of 1950’s sitcoms, pretty darn accurate. Some of the humor did have me smile too. Especially the meta humor. The performances & chemistry are a lot of fun too. Episode 9 also has a nice emotional moment in the last ten minutes that I quite enjoyed. That being said, I do think this show unfortunately reeks of average MCU. As the show progresses & gets out of the homages to filmmaking from the 1950’s, the filmmaking becomes very dull. From the forgettable score, dull cinematography to the run of the mill action in the finale. The villain is also painfully average in terms of development & arc. The pacing is also an issue for some episodes. Overall, I did enjoy some of this show. It has its merits. When it’s trying to be strange, it’s intriguing. When it’s trying to give the audience Superhero action, it becomes painfully forgettable. I’m in the middle with this show, man. But I am glad I saw it because based on the finale, it definitely is helping with setting up phase four.
2.75/5 stars.