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  • Bloodeaters



    Up top, let's just say if you're a fan of low budget, shot on film, regional horror like NIGHTBEAST, BLOOD BEAT, SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT or I DRINK YOUR BLOOD and you are on the fence about whether to watch TOXIC ZOMBIES or not THEN LET THIS REVIEW BE THE ONE THAT CONVINCES YOU - 'cuz I can practically guarantee you're going to like it.

    Look, we're grading on a curve hear people. TOXIC ZOMBIES is obviously not as…

  • Audition



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Unfortunately, you can never completely relive the shock of seeing AUDITION for the first time (the amazing jump scare with the canvas bag and the telephone certainly is not as effective when you know it's coming, of course) but twenty years later the film has lost none of it's ability to disturb. The basic structure of the film (with the first 2/3 presenting a mildly interesting love story that would not be totally out of place on the Hallmark channel…

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  • Luz


    Beautiful to look at - but what the hell did I just watch? Thank God that this was only 65 minutes long. One of the only things that kept me watching was the fact that I knew it would be over soon. Congrats! You tricked me into watching your student film!

    P.S. The score was actually very good - it deserves a better movie.

  • The Shout

    The Shout

    After a long opening where they set up a cricket match at an insane asylum, the story finally begins with inmate Alan Bates telling Tim Curry a strange story about John Hurt (while fellow inmate Jim Broadbent runs around acting crazy). Could this be more British? The story Bates tells takes up the majority of the film. It's about how Bates, believing himself to have mastered magic and the "terror shout" (which can kill) comes between Hurt and his wife.…