Tenet ★★★★★

"It's the bomb that didn't go off. The danger no one knew was real. That's the bomb with the real power to change the world."

this film is ASTRONOMICALLY BETTER with a rewatch. i'm pretty certain that i understand tenet now, and wow, what a masterwork. i caught a lot of the dialogue that i missed in my first viewing, and that really boosted my opinion of the film. the first half of this film is an enigma and that might turn some away, but the satisfaction that you get when everything unfolds in the end is just unparalleled. christopher nolan is really at his most ambitious here: there are sequences, with incredible cinematography by the way, that just have never been done before. combined with göransson's ELECTRIC score, tenet is a film like no other. i really can't fully explain how invigorated and amazed i feel after watching this. this is MY gay romance.

i'm also proud to say that yes, i sobbed hysterically again at the end to neil and the protagonist. nolan really had to ruin me like that huh? but honestly, robert pattinson is such a treasure and i couldn't be more glad to witness him flourish in his recent projects.

last thing – the inverted firetruck alarm beat drop in "trucks in place" is still ringing in my ears; i can't get enough of ludwig's score, he is SERIOUSLY TALENTED.

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