Upgrade ★★★½

An extremely silly script that made for an entirely entertaining film. Immediately noticeable is Marshall-Green's incredible performance as a man who loses everything, only to regain even more. This is one impressive and unexpected turn by the actor.

Second is the carefully planned and thoughtful cinematography. Once Gray and Stem start working together, the camera joins in the fun as well, and it's highly effective at communicating their computerized efficiency.

The production design is really engaging at most times as well, with some of the futuristic concepts looking really great, like the detective's police car (but at other times it's over-designed). Also appropriate is Palmer's non-descript, atmospheric score, which dips healthily into the synths, but thankfully never goes into mindless EDM noise for the action. It always feels purposeful.

This is a surprise, to be sure, as writer/director Whannell's work is often divisive as to the level of his craft, but here he seems to shine with an intimate story of revenge with elements of both hard and fantastical sci-fi. Plus gory violence - one of his staples. However, it loses a lot of points for being unbelievably predictable.

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