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  • Redneck County Fever

    Redneck County Fever


    Wow I needed this. If you watch it, you probably won’t get what you’re expecting. This isn’t a 90s SOV Two Thousand Maniacs. It’s basically just two dweebs who sound like third-rate Bill & Ted impersonators stumbling into redneck county. They get captured by a hillbilly cannibal and have an encounter with a backwoods drug cartel. It’s all so bad but it feels like lost footage of some people who were never seen again. Only recommended for people who like this kind of stuff. It’s probably the best hour I’m going to spend today.

  • Patterson-Gimlin Film

    Patterson-Gimlin Film


    It’s up to The individual viewer to decide for themselves wether this is art or not, but there’s no question in my mind—yeah, of course this is art. I love mysterious shit, and while it is easy to write this off as a guy-in-a-costume hoax, I can’t flat out disregard it. What I want to know is why does this footage seem like the middle part of something bigger? It starts with Bigfoot wondering through the woods, who then looks…

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  • Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled

    Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled


    This series really went to shit after number 2. This one doesn’t even feel like a Wishmaster movie, replacing ironic deaths with a lame plot about the Djinn being in love. There are a couple of moments of goofy practical effects fun, but mostly it’s just wasted opportunities, like when a guy says he’d sell his soul to be a pimple on a stripper’s ass and he disappears but we don’t get to see him as the ass pimple. Weak ripoff shit.

  • The Acid Sorcerer

    The Acid Sorcerer


    My first Dakota Bailey film, and I can see myself definitely digging his style..No budget, cool performances, genuine scummy style. This wasn’t like what I was expecting, which was something more psychedelic. It’s actually black and white until the acid trip ending. Short and from the heart, has a hometown feel to it.

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  • Black Sunday

    Black Sunday


    Great gothic horror, wonderful viewing for the spooky season. Barbara Steele is mesmerizing in this movie. Literally a perfect movie to watch for Halloween.

  • Killing Zoe

    Killing Zoe


    A misunderstood, overlooked masterpiece. Cinematic nihilism at its absolute finest. What begins as a typical bank heist film gradually morphs into something quite different and unique. Eric (one of the greatest villains in screen history) and his band of criminals don't really care about money or prosperity. They don't even take the time to concoct a semi-decent plan of action. Their operation is sloppy and insane, because they're junkies searching for their next high, the biggest high of all. They see…