Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★

Seeing this in theaters on opening night was one of the most crushing, disappointing experiences of my movie going life. It made me never want to see any “mashups” like this again. Watching it today 18 years later, it ain’t all that bad. It was too silly for me back then, but consider how silly both franchises became on their own. This is a fan service movie, and for the most part it gives fans what they want. Robert Englund seems to be enjoying himself, but the rest of the cast is pretty lame and forgettable. They could have tried harder to pin down the time of the classic Jason movies, but surprisingly there are more callbacks in Jason X than there are in this. The kills are ok but none are all that memorable. Overall, this is a big disappointment as a horror film but works alright as a silly comedy about two slasher icons.

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