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  • The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

    The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale


    After finishing Peninsula and Alive yesterday, it was time for me to watch this film. Its certainly a less talked about zombie-comedy that came last year. It didn’t have anything new to offer. To be honest, its not necessary to deliver new things to make the film work. Like Alive, it didn't offer anything new, it was simple and good. However this film had total different intention. Its more like a family-comedy film that added the extra zombie spice. This…

  • What a Wonderful Family!

    What a Wonderful Family!


    This film is identical to Yoji Yamada's 2013 film "Tokyo Family". The cast and the set design were same. Not just they had same cast but also same roles, like Mother-Father, First Son, Second Son, Daughter, Son in-law, Daughter In-law they were all identical to Tokyo Family. They were all same artist, playing same role. The story and the vibe was kinda similar too but still different enough to make the film work.
    Satoshi Tsumabuki didn’t have lot of…

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  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle

    A Bride for Rip Van Winkle


    Didn’t feel like a 3-hour film at all.

  • Peninsula


    People had high hopes from this film but i had literally no expectation from this film to began with still i was disappointed, so imagine how bad this film is? Usually some sequel suffers overpopularity of the prequel but this one is bad even as a standalone film. Director Yeon Sang-ho did everything which are wrong:
    1.Train to Busan was recognized as an emotional film so the director did everything he could, sorry he even overdid to make it emotional…