Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai

I've seen this film thrice before, so going to see it on 35mm didn't reveal anything thematically new to me. What was beautiful was the experience of a.) seeing an actual tangible film containing Seven Samurai fill a wall in front of me and b.) experiencing everyone's reaction around me.

I always knew there was some humor in Seven Samurai, but to hear the packed house flood with roucous laughter really surprised me. There is something extremely universal with Kurosawa's humor that plays well to a theater as opposed to me being all stuffy in my living room. Even when there were laughs during parts that were being played serious (I mean really people, stop trying to yup it up all the time), there's just something beautiful about sharing an experience like that with people.

The physicality of film is beautiful, too. The deterioration of the film only adds to the already amazing movie. It adds a taste of the real world. It makes it clear that you are in a theater with a projection booth and chairs and people... It also reminds us that this film is over 60 years old and that were are literally viewing a relic, an antique. The movie itself, sure, but also the film. That in itself is a character.

s/o to the guy at the Coolige who asked a super serious panel question as we were running late on starting the screening of a 3.5 hour film.

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