Eternals ★★★★½

since 2014 my favorite mcu movie has been Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the main reason is that it doesn't depends on being part of the mcu to be good, is just a good spy thriller. now, this has take this place. eternals really feels like something the mcu hasnt done, its feels like a chloe zhao film in a lot of moments. if anything, i wished it could be more HERS. 

i think this movie talks a lot about faith. in a first stance, its about faith in humanity. it looks at what is to be a human, all the flaws and problems we had and still have, all the destruction we are capable of making. but also the faith in our potential to do better, faith in the love we can feel, the relationships we make. zhao manages to put everything in the screen all the things that makes us, people, beautiful. and i love that. and in some level, she also talks about the evil we can cause with blind faith in whats wrong, how if something put us againt what is humanity, then probably its no good at all.

my only real issue with it is that there should be more movies, with a smaller cast, so we could get to know the characters before this big come together, like they did with avengers. some of the troubles faced here felt rushed bc zhao needed to introduce and conclude narratives in like one hour. but thats a really small thing, all of the other parts are great anyways.

the acting i dont even have to talk about right? amazing, everyone is so GREAT! my favorite perfomances (and favorite characters) are gemma chan, brian tyreen and laurenn ridloff. they carried the movie for me.

eternals is the best mcu movie for not being like most of the others. is beautiful, is full of heart, is about something, has great characters and is a beautiful jorney

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