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  • Unheavenly City

    Unheavenly City

    I don't have any connection to Houston (never been, never felt drawn or ill to it for any reason) and I've yet to see any of Eagle Pennel's other work, but for whatever reason, this touched me deeply. Maybe it's the familiarity that Pennel has for Houston, what it once was, what it is now (in 1990 at least), the frustrations and appreciations, and the care and beauty he bestows upon every location and setting with each image, even with…

  • Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind

    Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind


    Maybe the most angry movie.

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  • Heat



    Still one of the greatest movies about The Gender ever made. The art of cinematic edging at its finest. If Al and Robert kissed it would ruin everything. They have to shoot guns at each other instead. That's what sex is. I'm drunk and depressed.

  • Querelle



    "You're a pal. All the others are assholes, but you're a pal. Whatever you want from me, its yours."

    Arguably the most awesome movie ever made (cause of all the butt fucking). What a note for Rainer to go out on.