Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

When a group of young, wealthy friends decide to ride out a hurricane together by throwing a party, things quickly take a deadly turn. Bodies Bodies Bodies is marketed as a horror/comedy but i’d personally say this is more of a satirical comedy with a bit of blood. Poking fun at both the horror genre and gen z, this movie is an easy watch that is entertaining start to finish. Think a watered down Euphoria meets Assassination Nation meets Scream. Truly hilarious with some great leading performances (Rachel Sennott is an icon) and an ending that had me saying “oh my f- god” out loud, Bodies Bodies Bodies doesn’t disappoint. It won’t be for everyone, however take this experience I had in the cinema. I was sitting next to a man who at the start of the movie said “I am the oldest person here, this is not for me” and at the end he turned to his friend and said “I absolutely LOVED it, wow!”. Even if you have no interest in giving this a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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