Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean ★★★★★

i have to admit that when this started up with the stage acting, the grating texan accents, and the unsympathetic characters, i was doubtful if i would even be able to finish, let alone enjoy it. but all of a sudden, and i can’t even pinpoint when, i was engrossed and emotionally invested in absolutely every aspect of this film. it’s essentially one long conversation with its exposition aided by a continuous sprinkling of melodramatic flashbacks, and the movement of the plot depended almost exclusively on these revelations. the surprising thing to me was that even though these revelations were very much predictable, it was never to a fault, because the act of watching this movie is so much entwined with watching characters we hardly like come to terms with what we (and sometimes, they) already know. there are several problematic elements and so much of the story is gut wrenchingly disturbing, but i cannot express how all-consuming this film is once it’s allowed to hit its stride. it really, truly snuck up on me.