A musical about cats that touches upon the themes of divine selection and reincarnation?

What the hell? No real plot or semblance of form except everyone introducing themselves one at a time through songs of varying quality.

Was this meant to be some kind of quasi-religious transcendental Buddha philosophy shit? I'm quite lost here. Someone help me make sense of it all.

(Shakes head with both hands upholding massaging my temples)

Cats is so random and disjointed that my review must reflect that fact as well. So I will now throw some random words around reflecting my thoughts.

Strange. Uncanny. Bizarre. Nightmarish. Experimental. Mess. Ughh.

On a final note I will say this. Andrew Lloyd Webber can make some nice beats and make some neat tunes, which is more than I can say for that hack Sondheim.

Good night.

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