Saw II

Saw II ★★★★

Still good.

Not on par with the freshness and sheer shock of the original but still pretty damn watchable in it's own right.

1) The killer aka Jigsaw finally gets to show their face is is given much needed exposition that was missing in the first film. His motives and backstory give weight to everything that has transpired.

2) Donnie Walberg is so damn good at playing corrupt douchebag cops. Ever seen that show Blue Bloods? Hell, his piece of shit brother Mark Wahlberg played a douchebag cop in The Departed (2006) too. I guess, it's kinda like a family tradition. They both got the douchebag facial features and toxic attitude nailed to a t. And so it is no surprise to anyone why I love this particular ending so much. Not as hardcore as the first, but I'll take it.

3) Jigsaw's masterplan. I know after it's been copied to death by now but in all honesty, for a guy like me who likes to guess movies endings from the get go and seeing if they my predictions pan out, this one does pull a fast one on you. Nothing hits as hard as the first time.

Neat new kills, a bigger cast and a larger story will be enough to keep fans of the original happy and if some want to see this one as the last film, I can understand why.

Let's see if the third one holds up.

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