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  • The Babe

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  • Stealing Home

    Stealing Home


    A young man is groomed by his babysitter, who also teaches him the most important lessons in life come from baseball. The film is a two hour discordant note except for the fact that it works because it is Mark Harmon and Jodie Foster and it reminds you that dirt on your uniform and the sweet rough sound of a body sliding into home is the thrum to which pulsars vibrate. What an odd and irreplaceable film, one that knows all life choices happen on the seashore, that great space where life and death clash together in endless hums.

  • The Babe

    The Babe

    Career strikeouts

    “Babe” Ruth: 1,330
    “John” Goodman: 1

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  • Field of Dreams

    Field of Dreams

    An aging hippie sorcerer invokes an eldritch power based on his antipathy for his father and causes a legion of dead ball players to be yanked from Hades and brought to a far worse place, a corn maze in Iowa.

  • Moneyball


    Sad sack general manager seeks to win his daughter’s love by, oddly, focusing on remaking a baseball team. Wisely ignoring his never-mentioned top-flight starting rotation, he quickly recognizes the keys to victory are smug disdain, a battered neophyte first baseman, a weird reliever, parsimony, and mathematics. A breakthrough performance for Jonah Hill in the role of Launch Angle.