Parasite ★★★★★

Oh my god. What a fucking film. I thought there was no way Parasite could live up to its expectations. The highest rated film on Letterboxd, almost perfect critic scores and multiple Oscars including Best Picture? No way could it live up to all that.

I was stupid. It absolutely did, and it went even further too.

Everything about this film is absolutely perfect. The first act was already an absolute blast, providing some quick but intimate character setup and development with both emotion and utter hilarity. The performances were instantly captivating, particularly from Song Kang-Ho as this loveable family’s patriarch, the script was consistently witty and funny, and, even this early on, I was already blown away by the themes and commentary the film was presenting. Even from just the first 30-40 minutes, I was in love and ready to give it a strong rating. Then it takes a wildly unexpected turn (you'll know what I mean if you've seen it) and from that point forward, it goes from a rich, likeable comedy/drama about a family on the less fortunate end of the class divide to an absolute balls-to-the-wall, intense masterwork of truly suspenseful, self-aware, unbelievably intelligent filmmaking. Bong Joon-Ho is an absolute mastermind here, in that he knows exactly how to construct and convey his themes with a truly unique, unapologetically harsh directorial flair. It's a film that I know will take a few viewings to fully comprehend, because it's loaded with such smart, subtle use of foreshadowing and themes that ultimately make an incredibly compelling and important social commentary on the distinct divide in class in Korean society, and how that can almost deprive people of their humanity, a group disillusioned and dehumanised purely by their position on the vast social ladder, treated as nothing, a ’parasite’, infecting what society is led to believe matters the most. It juggles so many interesting themes with emotion, hilarity, shock and intensity so seamlessly with such a brisk pace, that it's a film you simply never want to end. A movie worthy of every accolade it has received and inevitably will receive in the years to come.

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