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  • A Story Well Spun

    A Story Well Spun

    Dying at the Letterboxd thumbnail for this one making it look like Night and Fog or some shit, and not what it is, which is two minutes of a man rolling down a hill in a barrel.

  • Hush


    Paltrow and Schaech have an open-plan bathroom/lounge and double-height ceilings...

    imagine the echo on the turds as they splash into the bowl

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  • Shoplifters


    navigates its moral and emotional path with such dexterity you never realise how deep you're in

    loved the kids and the gran

    also picked up some good tips on lifting rods

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade

    a real humdinger from the 'really good book' guy, which captures the specifics of being a bit too old and a bit too young with such intensity that i crawled into the foetal position at the end of the first act and never returned