Suspiria ★★★★★

i have no words. what an experience. i finally watched this, i was so excited and anxious for this movie and now, i'm so glad with the result. even if it's a remake, luca guadagnino managed to bring his mark on it. dario argento's cinematography is my favourite thing about the original suspiria and fortunately, luca's cinematography in here made me speechless. every shot is beautiful. a lot of disturbing scenes that will hunt me for a very long time and i'm here for it. tilda swinton is fantastic as always, she deserves to be nominated. dakota johnson, damn, what can i say? she brings innocence with a bit of luxury in her susie, and i'm so proud of her. mia goth as so good too, and chloe moretz, even if she have just a small time in the screen, she nailed it. her performance was wonderful, i'm proud of her too, it's so great see actors that you've been a fan for so long time and see their talent growing up so much. one of my favourite movies, i have no doubt it about this. the scene when susie is dancing and olga know what i'm talking about, it's one of the best disturbing yet beautiful choreography i've seen in a movie. so well done, my favourite scene of the movie, sorry if people will think i'm crazy for fall in love with that scene but i can't help me if it's so perfect done. and the final scene is fucking disturbing and creepy, but thanks luca for blessing my eyes with this disturbing masterpiece

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