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  • About Time

    About Time


    Life be like, "Let's see how many more times we can make Charlotte cry this week," and then shoves this movie into my face.

  • Employee of the Month

    Employee of the Month


    Remember being a poor kid and wanting heelys more than you wanted anything you've ever wanted in your entire life but definitely not being able to have them? Thanks, 33-year-old Dane Cook, for reminding me of that glorious time.

    So I may have just been in an amazing mood (I was), but this movie seriously made me laugh so hard. Dax Shepard is truly king of all.

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  • Dan in Real Life

    Dan in Real Life


    This corn is like an angel.

  • Strictly Ballroom

    Strictly Ballroom


    Truly iconique cinéma. The slo-mo, the bangs, the bogo pogo, the eyeshadow... A masterpiece.