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  • Menendez: Blood Brothers

    Menendez: Blood Brothers

    Do we have to campify every 90s true crime story?

  • Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding


    Two ridiculously good-looking people being absolutely awful and having no redemption arc whatsoever? Is this movie stealthily French or something?

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  • She's Gotta Have It

    She's Gotta Have It

    You know you're in your 30s when you watch this and lust over the apartment, not the sex.

  • Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

    Trixie Mattel: Moving Parts

    There are two intertwined spirits here, one centre stage while the other flickers at the edges of the story. Of course there is a Trixie without Katya, and vice versa, but they're special together: we see Trixie the workhorse who keeps on trucking, resigned to her areas of unlikablity, honing and polishing her talents, fixing things on and off stage. It's a very familiar Country trope. Katya is easy to love, and we've loved many like her: beautiful and breathlessly…