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  • Mr. Gaga

    Mr. Gaga


    Of all the dance performances I've seen, from on expensive stages to rubbish Twitter videos, nothing moves me like Ohad Naharin's choreography. It's not surprising that he's also kind of a prick - visionaries tend to be - or that this documentary fails to locate a why behind his work. There's no need for one, when we have the work. On lots of levels this film is a mess, but the immediacy of the dancing (they're just bodies! How do…

  • The Flower in Hell

    The Flower in Hell


    Exactly the melodrama that the title suggests it is, but with an impressive action sequence towards the end and some divine tailoring. Really - there's better draping here that I've seen in some MGM films from the same era.

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  • Little Forest

    Little Forest


    A movie that's mostly a young woman cooking food, eating food, cuddling a puppy and wearing a duffle coat is an automatic four stars and has probably lowered my blood pressure to almost-healthy levels.

  • Cherry Pop

    Cherry Pop


    Weirdly transphobic, weirdly misogynist, weirdly Cis Het White Lives Matter. Throwing a couple of stars at it for a supporting cast who do their damndest with poor material.